Dauntless Grace: Trauma & Play (Podcast Interview)

ID: A graphic made with a white background with blue, red, and yellow whimsical bubbles on it, one of which has my profile picture in it — a person with fluffy blue hair and a wide smile, standing in front of a rainbow-striped background. The image reads, “Episode 137: Trauma and Play, with Kelsie Olds, The Occuplaytional Therapist”. It has the Dauntless Grace logo on it which is their name written in curly font, with blue arrows pointing in a circular shape around it, and reads, “The Dauntless Grace exchange, with Deedra Mager & Megan Hall”.

I recently appeared on the podcast Dauntless Grace to talk about trauma, play, reparenting ourselves, and that infamous consequences post

You can listen to the interview on their website, Dauntless Grace.

It’s also available on iTunes here, and on Spotify here.

If you’d rather read rather than listen, the transcript is available here.