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Your Kids Don’t Suck: Neurodiversity and OccuPLAYtional Therapy in School (Podcast Interview)

We discuss: Kelsie’s Training and Approach: Rythea and Cara delve into Kelsie’s background as an occupational therapist, exploring what this means and how it shapes her approach to working with children. The Child-Centered Approach: Kelsie […]

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The librarian was like, “…so…are you potty training, or…?” And I was like, nah I just have a four-year-old who thinks poop is the actual funniest thing ever, so we’re leaning into it. 😁 I’m […]

At Home

Hair Washing

My kids are 6 and 4. Both of them have gorgeous tight-coily-textured hair and both of them have (different) sensory processing sensitivities. For the first time in our family’s entire life I successfully washed and […]