I began The Occuplaytional Therapist because I disliked the way that occupational therapy is so difficult to access for so many people. My page is, and always will remain, free. I will always categorize my posts from Facebook here on this website so people can more easily access them again in the future. I will always make images accessible for those who use screen readers or need help parsing the images. I will always make audio accessible by providing a transcribed format for those who cannot hear it or who do not learn best auditorily. 

The work that I do is important and powerful, as hundreds, if not thousands, of you have told me in comments, in emails, in messages and I read every one and save them for the days when I feel discouraged. It truly means the world to me.

If you want to go one step further and help support the work I’m doing, there are a couple of ways for you to do that.



Monzo (UK only)

The above links are a few ways that you can support financially. Monzo is a UK-specific option only.

The Amazon links take you to my wish lists, where I put books, play materials, and consumable materials (like craft supplies and fidgets) that I would use in my day-to-day OT practice (and then, eventually, probably write a post about!) I have both a UK and a US shipping address, and the two different websites are tied to those two shipping addresses so you don’t have to deal with currency conversion. 

Any little bit is truly appreciated, genuinely helpful, and goes a long way toward making this sustainable for me in the long-term. I love being The Occuplaytional Therapist. I love how it’s impacted me and my practice and how I’ve been able to help you and your children — the children you care for, work with, are the parent of, or your own inner child. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.