At Home

Behaviorist Allergy Plan

DOCTOR’S REPORT PATIENT: Kelsie Olds DOB: XX/XX/XXXX CONCERNS: Patient’s family report that the patient is continually making annoying noises with their nose, mouth, and throat. These include: sneezing frequently, blowing nose frequently, making a scratching […]

At School


Imagine how unsafe you would have to feel before you would punch somebody. Imagine how threatened you would have to feel before you would intentionally knock things over and run away. Imagine how distressed you […]

Child Development

Tummy Time

Lying in prone (aka on your tummy) and propping up on your elbows to play—even to play electronics!—is important work. It strengthens the muscles in your core. It strengthens and stabilizes the joints that are […]

No Picture

OPT Study Groups

Starting on June 29, this page will have the “storefront” where you can purchase access to the first launch of OPT (OccuPlaytional Therapist) Facebook Study Groups. Here is the link to the storefront where you […]