Your Kids Don’t Suck: Neurodiversity and OccuPLAYtional Therapy in School (Podcast Interview)

We discuss:

Kelsie’s Training and Approach:

Rythea and Cara delve into Kelsie’s background as an occupational therapist, exploring what this means and how it shapes her approach to working with children.

The Child-Centered Approach:

Kelsie discusses her approach to working with kids, emphasizing child-led methods and its alignment with her non-authoritarian parenting style. She contrasts this with mainstream practices, highlighting the differences and benefits.

Navigating Neurodiversity:

The conversation shifts towards neurodiversity and how Kelsie transitions from a behaviorist lens to a more connected and conscious approach both as a parent and professional.

Support in Schools:

Kelsie shares insights into her work (and play) within school settings, detailing how she supports children, teachers, and staff in the strong direction of non-coercive practices. The hosts inquire about steps parents can take if they feel their child isn’t receiving adequate support in schools.

Advice for Educators:

We seek advice from Kelsie on how educators can become more conscious and connected in their approach to teaching and supporting children.

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