That Early Childhood Nerd: Consequences & Euphemisms (Podcast Interview)

That Early Childhood Nerd’s logo, with “That early childhood” written in black letters at the top, “nerdy” black glasses with green tape holding them together at the nose/bridge, and the word “Nerd” written in a cursive green font at the bottom.

I had the chance to speak with Heather, the host of That Early Childhood Nerd, about the consequences post that I wrote which became somewhat infamous on Facebook very quickly. 

You can listen to the interview on her website, That Early Childhood Nerd, here.

It’s also available on iTunes here, and on Spotify here

If you’d rather watch me gesture wildly while I say all these things, you can see the Youtube video of the interview , (or just scroll down), and if you’d rather skip watching or hearing it at all and just read it, there’s also a transcript!