Puddles & Choices

My son huffed at a puddle that he didn’t want to be there the other day and said, “The rain is making bad choices!”

It made me laugh, because it was cute and funny.

And then it made me think, because most of the adults I know who say, “___ is making bad choices,” are making about as much logical sense as my son getting mad at the rain.

Rain’s gonna make puddles. Rain’s gonna rain. That’s just what rain do.

Child’s gonna cry when they’re sad. Child’s gonna make a lot of noise and do a lot of wiggling. Child’s gonna inquisitively poke things. Child’s gonna child. That’s just what child do.

You can huff at ‘em because you don’t want them to be there and you don’t want them to be doing that, but it makes about as much sense to attribute your feelings to “their choices” as it did for my five-year-old to get mad at a puddle.

[Image description: a big puddle on the ground with clouds visibly reflected in it. A child in a stroller is visible at the left side of the image, looking down at the puddle thoughtfully. End image description.]