Drawing Music

Throwback to one of the activities I did in the past…

I brought this giant keyboard mat, set it on different instrumental settings and we drew all over it with dry erase markers while it played music!

This gave us the chance to practice drawing/writing while lying in prone on the floor, and drawing and writing with big body movements, which can be the precursor to the fine motor control and precision needed for smaller movements.

And all the while, it gave us some really fun proprioceptive feedback (deep body pressure – from laying on the floor) and auditory feedback (hearing the music) and tactile feedback (feeling the interesting texture of how the plastic would crumple and scrumple underneath the markers). Lots of sensory goodness!

[Image description: A photo of a piano keyboard which is called “Gigantic Keyboard Playmat”, with buttons indicating it can make sounds like a harp, saxophone, violin, accordion, trumpet, xylophone, or guitar. It has drawings all over it in blue and red Expo markers, including lots of pre-writing shapes like crosses, lines, and circles, and my name “Kelsie” written on it. End description.]