BIG Word Search

With the big kids in my action room who still have handwriting or letter formation goals, one of the activities I set out is a big huge grid on the floor drawn on butcher paper, with my gigantic Sharpies, and offer to make a word search themed about whatever they’re interested in.

[Image Description: A yellow piece of butcher paper with an empty grid and only two words written on it: Orca and Shark. A hand is holding up the Sharpie Magnum used to write on the paper in front of the picture. End description.]

The sheer size of the Sharpies is often enough to draw kids in…they’re interested enough to practice writing a letter or two. Or I’ll have them tell me words to write on the word search, but then let them fill in the rest of the blank spaces with random letters of the alphabet, since it’s less pressure to write a whole word correctly and only having to write one letter correctly at a time instead.

[Image description: A large piece of purple butcher paper with a gridded word search on it. It has the words: Unicorn, Glitter, Rainbow, Fun, Star, Golden, Heart, Color, Unisloth, Balloon, Peet, Fairies, Galaxy. There are a few spots on the paper that are written on with paint daubers, and there are red, orange, and blue paint daubers lying around on the floor in the picture too. /ID]