Color Your Car

Use ultra-washable paint (1 part washable kids’ paint, 1 part dish soap) — or, even easier, chalk — to decorate outdoor toys.

[Image description: A plastic toy car, the kind that a child can sit inside of and drive around with their feet, which is covered in chalk coloring. A child is sitting inside it and holding the steering wheel, and another child is sitting just offscreen and holding out a stick of chalk to color the front. End description.]

A car like this one, a scooter/bike, a backyard slide…you name it, you can probably color on it. If you can’t get the chalk to stay, you can dip the chalk in water for better results.

Every time I introduce this to a kid, they’re shocked for awhile at the concept of coloring on a toy??!!!!??! You mean that’s allowed…even encouraged??

Writing, drawing, or painting on surfaces other than just a waist-height-when-seated piece of paper are so good for kids’ wrist/hand and grasp development!

And then, as a bonus extra activity, give them the hose (or some sponges) and let them play “car wash” or otherwise spray it down — that’ll buy you another 10 minutes of enthusiasm at least!