Ultra-Washable Paint

Ultra-washable paint:
50% washable tempera paint
50% dish soap or bubble bath or old shampoo that you have left over after switching brands

That’s it. Mix those two together.

[Image description: a child in a bathtub with tiled walls. There are streaks of multicolored paint on the tiled walls. End description.]

It will create an extremely washable paint. Because of the soap, it is also very runny. This is a good activity for toddlers or young children for whom painting is about the process, not creating an end result. This doesn’t create a very sophisticated end result.

What can you use ultra-washable paint for?
-Painting on the walls of the shower or bathtub
-Painting on the outside of glass, like a car window or sliding glass door
-Painting on the concrete, sidewalk, driveway, or deck
-Painting on the fence, outdoor wall, garage, or other vertical surface

Because it’s already half soap by volume, ultra-washable paint washes away pretty easily if sprayed with a hose or shower head. It’s loads of fun for pour-painting, splatter-painting, mixing in with potions, etc, too!

Note that any paint or dye of any kind, no matter how washable, might stain super porous surfaces. So be mindful when using it—use your best judgment.

[Image description: an overhead/bird’s eye view of the child in the tub, where the paint has been poured and mixed in huge multicolored puddles all over the interior and the walls of the tub. Orange, purple, pink, blue, and green paint are swirled together all over the floor of the tub, on the child’s body and hands. End description.]