Insult to Injury

[Image description: A picture of my legs from my perspective, showing that I have ripped a big hole in the knee of my brown jeans from sliding on the ground! Fortunately I did not hurt myself. End description.]
Pro tip:

Knee-sliding across the floor underneath an obstacle, in a footrace with a child, will just as surely split the knee of your pants when you’re an adult as it would have when you were a kid. 😉

I was laughing hysterically about it and said to the child, “I just can’t believe I did this!”

He very sagely nodded and said, “Yeah, I understand. That happens to me all the time.”

Which cracked me up even further, but I didn’t say, dude, you’re eight. Of course it happens to you all the time. It just hasn’t happened to me in a couple decades.

Oh—and to add insult to injury, I lost the footrace!