I met another professional in my field recently and, although I usually try to pretend to be chill when I meet new people, they asked some great questions and the two of us were talking about theories and ideas pretty quickly.

After a whole paragraphs-long verbal ramble about my thoughts on how children learn through play and how I feel like that *ought* to be reflected in public schooling, I noticed how hard I was rambling, and said “…anyway, that’s why I’m pretty sure some people I’ve worked with tend to think I’m a little bit of a hippie, but…”

And the person I was talking to laughed a little bit, and I laughed too and said “…and I also realize that I’m saying that while wearing tie-dye pants and with rainbow hair. So it’s maybe not an inaccurate descriptor.”

Anyway, this seemed like a good way to introduce myself in case you don’t know me. I’m a little bit of a hippie. 😉

[Image description: a person with yellow, green, and orange hair — although mostly the yellow is visible in this picture — smiling into the camera. Behind them is the action room, a place full of various OT equipment. Also visible is a very excellent tie-dye hoodie of pink and salmon and teal.]