Totally Legit OT Work

(as with any time I tell a story from work, some details are changed for privacy reasons)

I have a teenager on my caseload with physical disabilities that make writing prohibitively hard. As part of our goals, we’re working on learning the school laptops and software, as well as adapting or modifying when necessary, for them to be able to use to complete assignments.

This week we were working on making a slideshow, not because we particularly needed a slideshow but as a means of having a project to work on to learn various toolbars and parts of the technology. They decided to do a presentation on their favorite animal, hedgehogs. So we’re putting in slides with description about hedgehogs and practicing typing, changing the font and size, using keyboard shortcuts to make their life easier, etc.

They wanted to put in some specific images. Great! But the school software has a high level of protections on image searches. Makes sense, but we couldn’t find images like they wanted. They had seen some cute pictures on Pinterest at home before and were able to describe them to me, but the school filters were filtering that out. I promised that before next week I would find some and put them in the shared drive instead.

Anyway, cut to the part of the day where my boss’s boss walks into my office to ask me to do something and I’m just actively googling “hedgehogs wearing clothes”.

Uh…I promise this is actually legitimate OT work. 😁

(Told this story to my friend and they were like, “Surely it would have looked worse if you were googling ‘hedgehogs NOT wearing clothes’?” so, there’s also that point. 😂)

[Image description: A hedgehog wearing a purple tulle tutu. It was my kid’s favorite of the compiled images!]