Once Upon An Upset – Podcast Interview

About a year ago, I had the honor and delight of being on the podcast, Once Upon an Upset. We talked about several things in parenting and professional spheres, because when I speak out loud I’m even *more* prone to rambling than I am in writing. 😊 Her summary of it was that we largely talked about sensory processing, and supporting kids with sensory processing challenges, as well as balancing needs when we have sensory processing needs ourselves.

You can listen to the interview on Once Upon an Upset Interviews here:

Or on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3gCGMhG

If you’re an auditory learner, (wow, you sure have stuck with me through a lot of long rambly written text!) you might want to check it out. 

[Image description: A lovely hand-drawn portrait of me, a person with short spiky pink/purple hair, smiling brown eyes, a blue scarf, and a leopard-print jacket. At the top it reads, “Interview with Kelsie, the Occuplaytional Therapist.” The art was drawn by Jessica Laurel Kane, the creator of Once Upon an Upset. End description.]