Social Skills for Neurotypicals

When you start to frame autism, ADHD, or other neurodivergences as really and truly just a difference instead of a disorder…

It leaves space for realizing things like how the “social skills” that we teach to little neurodivergent kids aren’t actually, like, hard-and-fast rules of the universe so much as they are just societal norms.

And it leaves space for imagining, what if the inverse were true? What if the world was build for people who are currently considered “neurodivergent” just because of the way that majority/minority works? What if you suddenly found yourself in the minority, so you were being taught norms like these?

[Image description: A picture/design of a pink, yellow, and green cube in the background with text over the top of the image that is titled “Social Skills for Neurotypicals”. The image was made by More Than One Neurotype. The social skills listed are:
-Reduce how much you glare at eyeballs.
-Only ask questions if you want full and detailed answers.
-Substantial subject matter is prioritised.
-Oversharing is a myth, it doesn’t actually exist.
-Conversations are to be nonlinear.
-There are never enough ‘random facts’ in any interaction.
-Show empathy through sharing your own experiences.
-Background details and side stories are always relevant.

End description.]