The Scariest Possible Wizard Spell

I have “old paper” in my OT room (white paper stained brown with tea or coffee, crumpled up, etc) and sometimes the kids will get interested in making wizard scrolls or pirate maps or whatever.

I had a kid who told me very very VERY seriously that he was going to write the worst spell he knew and it was very awful and only for Serious Circumstances. He also was sort of covering it with his body so I didn’t see it.

Then he rolled it up and asked me to help him tie it with a ribbon right away. I was dying of curiosity but trying to play it cool because he is very apprehensive about writing and worries his spelling is bad or people will make fun of him.

I thought he was going to take the spell scroll with him but he asked to hide it in my room.

After he went back to class, I of course had to see what it says. I carefully untied and unrolled it and it just says in big giant pencil letters,

“Eat Slugs”

(I’m glad he didn’t cast it on me!)

[Image description: A picture of a brown coffee-stained paper with pencil writing on it that reads “Eat Slug’s!” It looks like the child may have started to draw a slug but then scribbled it out. There is a wavy-line border around the edges too. End description.]