Rainbow Puzzle

A piece of paper, the letter that the puzzle was folded up into (and then sealed in an envelope). The letter reads, “Put the rainbow together to see, a secret message for you from me! Love, Ms. Kelsie. (If you get stuck, check if you have used all 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink).” Beneath the letter are a stack of semicircles in all the colors, of different sizes, and with some bits of letters written on them.

Here’s a quick little puzzle that I made for some of my OT kids.

I have a little “mailbox program” with a few of my kids — sort of a pen pal situation — they have a mailbox in their classrooms and I write them little notes, games, letters, puzzles etc and they write back to me if they feel like it. It’s for my kids for whom writing feels terrible and horrible and utterly why-would-anybody-want-to-do-this and it’s my little attempt at making there be a reason why writing and reading could be delightful.

Two stacks of the semicircles, with all the letters written on them and mixed-up so you can’t tell what the messages will say yet.

I made this using a set of rainbow Post-it notes that I have where they are already in the right shapes and colors, but you could just as easily make a similar puzzle by cutting semicircles out of construction paper!

The completed puzzles. With the rainbows stacked in order, red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple-pink all on top of each other to make a completed rainbow, you can also read a message across the bottom line. The first one says, in all capital letters, “You are so special! Keep shining bright!” The second one says, in all lowercase letters, “you are a great kid!” They were written with different capitalisations and different levels of reading difficulty according to the kids’ level of ability and handwriting preferences who would be receiving each one.