Homemade Bubble Wands

[Image description: A four-picture collage of selfies of me, a person with a pastel pink hoodie and fluffy blue hair, holding up bubble wands made out of pipe cleaners in different shapes — diamond, heart, square — and blowing bubbles through them. The bubbles are pretty blurry in each picture and my facial expression is either with my eyes closed, or with very intense eyebrows, as it apparently took lots of concentration to blow the bubbles *and* take the selfie! End description.]

I was going to take a selfie showing off my homemade bubble wands and it turns out that I’m incapable of blowing bubbles, keeping my eyes open, AND not looking mean or worried.

Pipe cleaners/chenille sticks make great homemade bubble wands!

I’ve found that they work best of all with any kind of bubble solution that’s on the thicker side rather than thinner. I love introducing this activity to kids because then we can pinch, twist, push, and pull the pipe cleaner into all kinds of shapes. (Granted, all the kinds of shapes of bubble wand still just make bubbles that are round, so don’t do this with a child who’s going to be too devastated by that fact.)

My favorite is to loop the pipe cleaner around my finger over and over, making a loopy whirly cluster of tiny circles, and then blow a million tiny bubbles at once!