Glow Stick Party

In January, in my therapy gym, we decided to have a glow stick party.

[ID: A mini trampoline with glow sticks around it.]

Technically there was no “reason” for this other than that it was fun and changed up the pace a little bit, but there is also clinically an argument to be made for lots of things that the kids experienced via the glow stick fun — visual sensory stimulation, tolerating the lights being off/things being different, the way the visuals tied into vestibular or proprioceptive input as they swung on the swing or climbed up the rope mountain and watched the lights and colors react to that, etc.

[ID: A monkey bar climbing set and roller slide, with glow sticks taped to it and suspended from it.]
[ID: the inside of a climbing ropes mountain, with glow sticks hanging down from it.]

I was able to do this because my friend gave me a bunch of cheap glow sticks she was given. I think you could find packs of glow sticks like the ones I used at a dollar store or pound store. They weren’t very strong and didn’t last very long, but that was okay, we only wanted them for one day anyway.

[ID: part of a fidget/sensory tactile wall, with doors to open, buttons to press, gears to spin, and things to drag along a pathway. Many things have glow sticks stuck to them.]
[ID: The inside of a tunnel to crawl through, with glow sticks stuck to its ceiling.]

It was a great experiment! Many of the preschoolers had never seen glow sticks before and all were very intrigued. We were ready to turn on the lights if anyone was too distressed by them being dimmed, but luckily the few who were concerned about it understood once they got to play with the lights. My favorite was the glow sticks I attached to our fidget/sensory wall, because you could spin them around and around and watch the lights spin. Lots of stimmy sensory goodness!

[ID: Me, a person with short spiky colorful hair, bright yellow pants, and a psychedelic rainbow hoodie, sitting on a platform swing and smiling at the camera. Suspended from the swing frame are several glow sticks.]