Autism Acceptance Month 2023

I don’t think I could say it better or simpler than the I CAN Network said it here.

[ID: A red background with hearts like shooting stars with rainbow trails behind them. White text over top reads: “Awareness means you know I’m here. Acceptance means you’re happy to see me.” -I Can Mentee (age 14) [/ID]
That’s why I’ve posted all month about Autism Acceptance instead of just awareness. That’s what the difference is for me.

Do we need more awareness and (accurate) education? To inform and remove stereotypes? Definitely, 100%, absolutely yes.

And then it can’t stop there. We need to go another step further. Should we have to fight for human being acceptance? No, we shouldn’t. But as long as we do, then this is a fight that I’ll be a part of.

Thank you for coming alongside and learning with me this month!