Low Table Prompts

[Image description:
A picture of a table that is low to the ground, only about 1 foot high. On top of it are Plus Plus blocks, separated into piles according to color.
Taped to the table is a piece of paper that reads:

“If you need an idea of what to make, maybe…
-a flower
-a Minecraft guy
-a rainbow
-a face
-a car
-something spooky
-a letter in your name
-a robot
-your favorite food
-an invention
-a sun or moon
-an animal or pet
-something silly
-a box”

Also, on the ground in front of the table is a yoga mat for more comfortable sitting/kneeling. End description.]



I love putting out creative materials in my room that the children can just use however they want, with no kind of instruction.

On the other hand, sometimes when anyone is struggling with their emotions or needs to calm down their racing mind, tapping into an endless void of creativity just…isn’t accessible.

When I worked on setting up my new therapy gym, I included this low table—so that it can be accessed by sitting or kneeling on the ground, instead of having to sit in a chair and feel like you’re doing “tabletop” or “school” work. I put Plus Plus blocks on it as a simple, gentle fine motor activity that’s still free form and child-led. And I taped up a list of prompt ideas that can give a little spark of an idea to a child whose mind isn’t able to think of one independently right then.

In addition to obviously just being a great station for kids who happily or excitedly feel like building or creating something, this is also a good soothing, down-regulating activity for when energy is too high in an uncomfortable feeling way (like anger or anxiety can be). It’s also a good type of activity for me to sit quietly alongside a child and engage next to them, co-regulating, without having to say anything at all.