Following A Child’s Interest…

Sometimes “following a child’s interest” means taking 5 minutes before the session starts to use the beanbag animals that they’re extremely passionate about and set up a diorama of bunnies participating in fine motor activities. 😉

(Full disclosure: The child in question was more baffled than anything else, immediately asked “What are the bunnies doing?” and then “Can we ask them if they can do something else instead?” so I’m not telling you it’s magic, but I’m telling you that I’m out here doing my best to connect!)

(And yes, I ended up conversing with the bunnies as an intermediary 😂)

[Image description: There is a piece of brown butcher paper on the ground, with several small beanbag bunnies sitting on it. Two of them are positioned with a pair of scissors, two of them have a marker, two of them have a hand hole punch and are putting it on a piece of orange construction paper. In the background are various gym accoutrements — mats on the floor, climbing ropes, etc. End description.]