Spy Code: Intermediate & Expert Mode

Since people were into my “spy code” activity in its extremely simplified form, I thought I’d share a few printable ones along with the whole “code” that I usually use.

(Eagle-eyed readers may notice that this code is not identical to the one I shared yesterday. It’s something that I use as an activity because I can just make it up on the fly and draw it using whatever symbols. However, I also made it into a font on my computer for when I plan ahead and know I’ll be using it for a session, because then I can print it out and have a cleaner copy.)

Older kids, kids with more frustration tolerance, or kids who are SUPER into the spy concept can just use the entire alphabet decoder — the first image in this series of images, that shows A-Z.

Younger kids, or kids who get frustrated more easily, might have a hard time going through the entire alphabet like that. For them, I use a simplified version, like the other 4 images in this series of images. You can see how the first two just have 7-8 letters for the child to have to decode from, and then the latter two have 11 letters and 14 letters, so increasing in difficulty.

The messages decode to: “Good job”, “Way to go”, “You are great”, and “I like you,” in that order. 🙂

Go forth and make up secret spy messages!


[Image descriptions: These images show “spy codes” — the first image being the “decoder”, which shows that A correlates to a circle, B correlates to a squiggly line, and so on throughout the entire alphabet. The other images have short encouraging messages (described above) in “coded” form, with blanks beneath each letter and a short decoder key so that the child can solve it and decode the message. End description.]