Painting With The Ballooniverse

I’m a part of a group devoted to process art ideas for classrooms, daycares, homes, etc, called Process Art by Maryann Kohl. In that group, I saw a fantastic idea of dipping balloons in paint and then stamping it on a backdrop to make circular, marbled “planets”.

Coincidentally, I have had a giant pile of balloons over my desk in my office since my birthday. And given that it’s been about three months since that, it seemed like it was probably time to let the balloons go. 😉

I brought the balloons with me to my therapy gym, got some big rolls of butcher paper in a few different “space” colored backgrounds, and we used tempera paint to squirt onto cardboard and then stamp our balloons.

Our painting station. There is a piece of plastic down on the floor so that the floor doesn’t get too paint-y. There are small squeeze bottles of tempera paint, and cardboard squares with squirts of paint all over them that have been stamped by the balloons. In the background are a few shoeboxes, most of which have been repurposed to hold paint-covered balloons so they won’t roll away!

My limited availability of colors — I only had the basic red, yellow, blue, green, black — led us to some experimental ideas. We tried using paint daubers to see if those would stamp, either on the cardboard and then transfer to the balloon, or directly on the balloon. We used our squirt paints that we made by taking the ink pads out of dried-up markers and soaking them in water and squirted some additional galaxies and spatters onto the paper. We used the paint daubers to make stars, nebulae, and constellations.

Our completed creation hanging up. It’s a piece of purple butcher paper about 4 feet, or a little under a meter and a half, long. In the center is a mass of black and yellow marbled paint, and all around it are circular stamps from balloons with various colors of paint. Also around the fringes are lots of pink and yellow dots from a paint dauber, small yellow dots that were made with tempera paint on a q-tip, a pink, purple, and blue galaxy, a five-point star, a Big Dipper, and a bunch of colorful circles that I was told were wormholes to teleport you to the other side of the universe.

It’s an absolutely galactic masterpiece. It’s the first art hanging in my new therapy gym, and I love it completely.