Coloring Up (Like Michaelangelo!)

More creative treatment ideas…

I really wanted to get a specific child to draw or write on a lateral surface or even on a vertical surface above their head! Writing and drawing in these creative ways work out a child’s shoulder, elbow, and core, all of which are super important for being able to support the small movements at the hand, fingers, and wrist that create controlled handwriting.

I thought about putting a piece of paper underneath a table or something like that, to try to get the child to write/draw above their head. Then, looking around my room, I had a different thought. Instead I decided to wrap paper around the bolster swing!

The heavy swing kept swinging away while they tried to color on it. They had to use their whole non-dominant arm to wrap around it and stabilize while kneeling. Amazing core strengthening work, as well as the fact that they often have difficulty remembering to stabilize a paper while they’re writing or drawing on paper…but this one had built-in magnified natural cause-and-effect, so they just naturally responded by holding it still. Amazing practice!

[Image description: A bolster swing with butcher paper taped to it. On the butcher paper are several multicolored scribbles. End description.]