Beanbag Bunny Rescue

Okay, it might look like a hostage situation, but I promise that my game of “rescue the beanbag animals using scissors to cut the tape and string” was more fun than it looks visually and that no bunnies were harmed in the making of this activity 😂

Alternate caption: Sometimes I have days where I’m like…..huh, this is really what I do for a living 😂

[Image description: A bolster swing with several beanbag animals — bunnies, pigs, turtles, frogs — taped to it with duct tape or masking tape, and tied to it with string. Such that, in order to “rescue” them, the child would need to use scissors to cut through the string, or work on untying the knots, and use their hands to peel the tape or scissors to cut it. End description.]